Hey guys

Hey guys, I would like to officially welcome you to Tinkertap WordPress blog where you will find posts that cover on all areas tech & web. I discovered WordPress just a few weeks ago and wondered what it was. I ‘Googled’, just like everyone else, and got to know a little about it. Taking my left foot forward, I downloaded WordPress 3.5.1 but without a clue of how to get me blogging with it. My admiration was always in great blogs full of great tutorials like <strong>Rob Cubbon’s</strong> blog that is powered by WordPress.

Rob likes challenging guys to get into online business through blogging and the way to do it, he says, is blogging and the way to go is WordPress. So if you hear from a guy making a living off of WordPress to use it, the natural instinct is to? Anyone? You guessed it right, WordPress.

WordPress is easy to install (for newbs, it’s a nightmare), customize and use to create almost any site from an online store, static site or a full-fledged blog.

My encouragement is to go ahead explore it for yourself and follow my tutorials starting on web design.

Right now am in the process of acquiring my own domain and hosting space to add more cool features. Don’t get bored, explore this site first and share it with your friends.