Star Wars: Rebels Animated Series

Hey guys, if you are a fun of star wars, you’ll love this. This is the first film/series branded Star wars that doesn’t involve George Lucas (the creator of Star Wars). It’s totally cool and visionary. You won’t be disappointed!


Tech is Killing Our Creativity

I know tech has helped most of us live a better life and connect with people we wouldn’t have have EVER met. The only problem is that its downsides are never explored as much as it should. We have to accept it, we are now consumer zombies who just read blog posts (like this one) and retweet, fave and like anything. I sat down in retrospect and remembered just 10 years ago, I was a young kid with lots of creativity. I used to draw space ships, military tech and comic book characters from my own imagination.

Kids nowadays. What causes obesity? Oh, the wonder
Kids nowadays. What causes obesity? Oh, the wonder

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