$20,000 in 10 months from two small games, how? and what next?

Amazing post. I’m thinking of delving back into game development after reading this. It’s not the money but the sheer fun in it while still paying the bills or covering some expenses

Coffee Induced Games

Between January 2017 and November 2017, I have made a little over $20,000 in advertising revenue alone from two small mobile games on the Android App Store – Google Play

Admob income Nov 2016 - Nov 2017 Proof of income to back up my claims

Up until now, I’ve been writing small simple Android games as a hobby, but now it’s getting serious…

If you’ve have told me a year ago, that I’d be writing this article today, I’d think you were joking around. At that point, my total earnings on the Google Play store, amounted to $43.75, if it hadn’t been for some extra income from my YouTube channel showing simple games programming tutorials, I’d have never of received any money from Google up until that point. But as of the time of writing, I’ve earned just over $23,000 in the last year, all from just two games:


An pretty simple Space Invaders clone I…

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Star Wars: Rebels Animated Series

Hey guys, if you are a fun of star wars, you’ll love this. This is the first film/series branded Star wars that doesn’t involve George Lucas (the creator of Star Wars). It’s totally cool and visionary. You won’t be disappointed!

Tech is Killing Our Creativity

I know tech has helped most of us live a better life and connect with people we wouldn’t have have EVER met. The only problem is that its downsides are never explored as much as it should. We have to accept it, we are now consumer zombies who just read blog posts (like this one) and retweet, fave and like anything. I sat down in retrospect and remembered just 10 years ago, I was a young kid with lots of creativity. I used to draw space ships, military tech and comic book characters from my own imagination.

Kids nowadays. What causes obesity? Oh, the wonder
Kids nowadays. What causes obesity? Oh, the wonder

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Kickstart your PHP: From Procedural to Object Oriented

Hey guys, this is my first post on PHP and I’ll be taking you guys through step by step tutorials on how to use PHP effectively. PHP as you know, is the most widely used web programming language in the world and has changed significantly over the years. These tutorials will take you through the procedural ways of creating web apps then afterwards we’ll look into Object Oriented Programming in PHP.

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3 Key ways a programmer can make money


I have had how it is difficult to get a good paying job in this hard economic times as a programmer/ code-guy. I read this post by Josh Kohlbach, founder of http://www.codemyownroad.com and it gives you # key points on what you need to do. Read on…..

3 Quick ways you can start

Here’s my list of three ways you can start making money in a hurry. All three of these ideas you can do in a day, and see results within a week.
Money can be found in abundance both online and offline. All you have to do is think a little creatively and make use of the skills and resources you have at your disposal.

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Hey guys

Hey guys, I would like to officially welcome you to Tinkertap WordPress blog where you will find posts that cover on all areas tech & web. I discovered WordPress just a few weeks ago and wondered what it was. I ‘Googled’, just like everyone else, and got to know a little about it. Taking my left foot forward, I downloaded WordPress 3.5.1 but without a clue of how to get me blogging with it. My admiration was always in great blogs full of great tutorials like <strong>Rob Cubbon’s</strong> blog that is powered by WordPress.

Rob likes challenging guys to get into online business through blogging and the way to do it, he says, is blogging and the way to go is WordPress. So if you hear from a guy making a living off of WordPress to use it, the natural instinct is to? Anyone? You guessed it right, WordPress.

WordPress is easy to install (for newbs, it’s a nightmare), customize and use to create almost any site from an online store, static site or a full-fledged blog.

My encouragement is to go ahead explore it for yourself and follow my tutorials starting on web design.

Right now am in the process of acquiring my own domain and hosting space to add more cool features. Don’t get bored, explore this site first and share it with your friends.